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Map Of Ambala for Windows App WIP (update 1) by Eradrom
Map Of Ambala for Windows App WIP (update 1)
This is a work in progress I am doing for the ID Game based on the group and its information. With ArmoredAlienArtist's original map as my example to follow, this map will help you keep track of the lore and adventure within the game. Later a better digital version will also follow for the game itself. This traditional version is to help me figure out where everything goes as I go along.

I will need help from the members in order to fill in the gaps that need mentioning, such as important land marks that were mentioned in chapters and role-plays. If there is anything you want me to put in, now is the time to speak up about it. Feel free to respectfully let me know if I had made any mistakes so that I  may fix them.

Thank you for your time.

Ok did a little more on the details. Looking good so far.
Nakumah has informed me of some land marks I should keep in mind and I'll list them next. Go ahead and verify them and add any she may have missed in the comments. I'll add them all to the map soon.

1-  Aztec tribe area: Near one of the cliffs and between some of the mountains there is a high mountain with ledges. One is bigger than the rest, in which Namu uses on occasion to howl.

2- There are rivers hear and connecting to the gulf. Others cascade into the waterfalls. The rivers are turn like creeks on the inland towards the mountains and thicken slightly as they reach the cliffs. One in particular runs near the royal den of the Aztec tribe. Log training is done here. This river travels from the small lake to the waterfall.

3- Night tribe sector- Ash sector- between the tallest volcanoes (near the eagle tribe borders) there are rivers of lava that end near the peninsula of the hidden tribe. The peninsula is extending  slowly over the ages because of  these lava trails. The pour into the ocean on the side opposite to the gulf.

4- The gem tribe area: they reside in the deep underground beneath the meadows of the former
uunca banner WIP (Update 1) by Eradrom
uunca banner WIP (Update 1)
as you probably already know, Nakumah was the one who originally sketch this drawing some time ago to be used as a promotional banner. And since she has been so busy with her sowing commissions, I went ahead and go5 her permission to give it a try and try to finish coloring it on Autodesk sketchbook. It's been a headache so far...

Well the good news is that the most detailed and difficult uunca to draw have already been taken care of. The bad news is I have no reference images of the gem tribe leaders and I have to do this image from back to front because it only allows me 3 layers at the moment. And I'm already using up one to have the original image. if anyone has a copy or can get in contact of those OCs' owner(s) to send me a copy of their reference sheet, that would be very much appreciate it. Thanks

Managed to do something on Rubis based on some fan art I found in the group. Don't know if it's completely correct but I hope Derp-Acolyte is willing to tell me what's left to do from her old design. As for everyone including Derp-Acolyte who are re-vamping their uunca, don't worry so much on the fact I'm using your old designs. I'm just trying to keep to Nakumah's original design when it comes to finishing this piece so I can temporarily use it as a banner for the project pages and blogs. Later I'll do an even better version of the banner on Photoshop that will include the other uunca leaders and representatives missing, as well as all the your uunca revamps when their finished.

Uunca OC's listed starting from the left:

1. Sly               (c)ArmoredAlienArtist
2. Oong            (c)ArmoredAlienArtist
3. Athena          (c)White--Swallow
4. Zeihzeih        (c)Nakumah
5. Mevahyah     (c)IcyWaterWolf
6. Tron             (c)ArmoredAlienArtist
7. ???               (c)Derp-Acolyte
8. Rubis            (c)Derp-Acolyte
9. Arataki         (c)Project-Ikara
10. Lumina       (c)Eradrom
11. Namu         (c)Nakumah
Lumina  by Eradrom
just a doodle I maid while I had my wisdom tooth pulled out at the dentist. . . yeah. 2 days ago anyway.
Guess it was my way trying to be brave and not give in.
Gonna use it for the theme of my next journal post later.
It's silly but I hope everyone likes.
Had a wisdom tooth pulled out...
Imagine the fun now I must be having...
Ok I apparently lied when I originally said i was going to get some sleep. Because apparently I've been so ecstatic and exited plus in pain, to actually settle down to sleep. So I've been up all night brainstorming for the app, and doing work and designs all night. So yeah, no sleep. Its like being on a caffeine rush without eating any chocolate or coffee prior. Or maybe was it that apple and caramel frosty from Wendy's I had just before getting home and going to bed? 😆 lol

Oh and yeah trying out the status feed for the first time as well as the google store app in one go and posting this. Yay me!
Will post the results of last nights marathon later, after I rest my eyes a bit.


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Inez P. Ortiz Ralph (Most just call me Eradrom)
Artist | Professional | Varied
Puerto Rico
" I see into distant lands, who's far away worlds are filled beauty and majesty, second only by their brilliance. With my mission in life being in finding fulfillment by painting ours in their brilliant colors."

Looking for Volunteers

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 11, 2015, 12:01 AM

I was feeling enthusiastic today so I decided to share this video I made for fun! XD
I was so happy that I found my missing stylus pen for tablets in my room after vanishing for nearly a year,
that I had to capture the moment on video as my imagination saw that moment in my head overlaping reality.
I know it was stupid. But just had to. It made my day.
That, Plus Nakumah dared me to post it in public and share it with everyone. LOL XP

Now back to reality....

As you already know I've taken upon myself and with Nakumah's help to create an ID game/app that originally started as a project for fun back in 2013. Only now with a more serious and dedicated approach. Since I intend to make it my first ever developed for the windows platform. With a freemium RPG feel and design to it.

But all this work between just two people may become a daunting task. Not one we can't handle of course, but it would certainly speed things up if we had a few extra hands. This is still a project for fun but we still would like to make it the most it can be. A wish that can be fulfilled with some extra volunteering hands.


1 Extra Artist:

Sure right now we count on both mine and Nakumah's already incredible work, but she'll have her hands already full in creating each and individual sprite for every playable character in the game. And I'll be busy working on the app itself, not to mention were a little short on artist equipment at the moment (Now not so much thanks to finding my pen XD). So an extra talent with the means to express their art will come in handy and definitely speed things up.


1 Extra Designer:

I'm talking about someone who's big on imagination and has plenty of creativity for creating ideas that will shape the world and feel for the game. Preferably someone with a deeper understanding of what goes on in the Uunca Prides. You don't have to be artistic or talented, just have plenty enthusiasm and a little originality when it comes to creating "the concept" of what the app and in-game should be. Help me decide what levels and stats, adventures and quests players should go on. As well as the rules that govern them.


 1 Musician /Score Designer:

All proper games need a score. Now of course we could purchase or use free to use music to fill in these areas, but nothing strikes more and becomes more memorable that one especially made for the game in question. Everyone is free to recommend here of course any already existing music that is free or can purchase permission/license to use in the comments bellow. Just remember to mention if its free to use or not, plus instructions for obtaining permission for use on the latter.

"Personally I'm hoping that the movements and steps already being taken between Nakumah and SimplyHorse work out well and pays off for a demo theme he's already working on. 'Cause if it does I SOOOOOO want him to be score designer, and I'll be counting on all of you to help us make it worth his wile. (And let's face it. He deserves it, our donations. For pieces anything like these: A Way Home; Salt Seasoned Bread )

So if you plan to apply as score designer, know you already have competition!"


1 Extra Developer:

I'll be doing most of this grunt work myself, but it doesn't hurt to have a helping hand in this department. At the very least I'd like to find someone trustworthy to verify and collaborate my work so I can catch any bugs in the system early on before testing and final release. And I prefer to keep our discussions on the details of the same strictly between us and any other developer that might appear only  for the game for obvious reasons.
The languages I'll be using and preferably stick to for now is C#, DirectX 12, and XALM with Unity3D as the core. So any advice on these will be appreciated.  Later I'll look into HTML, CSS and mostly JavaScript for compatibility reasons and cross platforming; but at a much later date. If you wish do more than just check my work, then feel free to note me that you're interested.

Later on I'll be seeking actual beta testers, but at much more later date.


A PR(Promotions) assistant:

I'd like to find someone who'll help spread the word and keep up the hype on this project. Or at the very least take over the weekly-monthly post and reviews about what's up and what's new to report on this projects progress on deviantart. The less time I have to take out to keep everyone informed and excited about this, is more time I can properly dedicate to actually building and perfecting the app.  


And if you think you're up to the challenge, I'll leave the care of all the projects pages up to you (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Deviantart Journals). But if you DO decide to be so bold, just know I  expect to see good quality post from you! (Nothing extravagant of course, just decent enough to be exiting and draw attention) How far ya go I'll leave to your descression. Note me if you interested in either option.



If any of these aren't your fit, but you still want to help a bit; you can still help out by doing one or more of the following:


Donate Art:

Donate art of yours to the cause. It can be stuff that’s new or already made. What's important that it fits in the context of what we're trying to make (the world of Uunca Prides) and that I have your direct permission to use it or it's concept. This also means that some things I'll put right in, while others I'll recreate in the game as close as you intended. Elements such as icons, items, shrubs, expressions, ect. are welcome as well.  

 If you want collaborate and commission something now directly specific to the game, send me a note and we can discuss what can be done based on your own work. Either way, I'll post soon a list of what can be commissioned and/or donated needed in the game that everyone can take their pick from, at a later date.


Suggest Art:

As already mention on music score and now further extending to all forms of art; you can also suggest work you know from another person that you think can work for the purpose of the game/app. So long as it's free to use in context of what where doing or the owner of said work has given permission to do so. But I'll need proof of the same if the case is the later. Just comment or send me a note with a link to the original work and another to the proof of permission.  

 You can also suggest those that can be purchased or need a set a steps to gain permission to use, but don't forget to include these details in your note and/or comment.


Donate Points and/or Cash:

You can donate what ya can in my deviant page or at the PayPal button on the blogger page and I'll use that kind generosity of yours to further speed up the development of the app, as well as purchase any necessary elements, software, art, ect. that will be necessary regardless for the app. (like great physics and animation, maybe immersive-ness too)

 That includes some of the aspects I mention before, as well as having the means to acquire some of the suggestions that you'll make that require payment. Also keeping the nice journal skins as well as those patriotic donations to those who later "do above and beyond" our expectations or just want a small thanks for their hard work like SimplyHorse.

 Whichever of the two you choose, just remember that if its points, I'll be restricted to use it on what's available on deviantart. While PayPal will provide the brooder freedom to get exactly what I need on the net, Microsoft Developer/IDxbox packages store and the Unity3D asset store.

"Minimum of $1.00 or 80 points please! All in #.00 digits and the equivalent in points if possible."

Later I'll make a note or journal somewhere so everyone knows what was gained and what was it used for, so you deviants all know what it's being put into.


Purchase Adopts and Commissions:

It's similar to the above one, only at least you can get something out of it for a fixed price. I'll be posting in the following months adopts of my own design (mostly uunca or mew) between $5.00-$20.00 worth (depending on complexity and detail) for purchase in my spare time.  Also I will be making available commission request of custom designs of the same from $8.00-$25.00 in worth (if you wish to pay through commissions widget, just remember it will be a little more than expected to meet my target amount for the app funds pool)

If neither interest or suit you, then you can request anything else that you want! Nothing obscene though, No ,no! Just click on my commissions widgets, purchase from my gallery, comment, or send me a note on whatever of these possibilities you're interested in.

All designs will be very detailed, beautifully designed and well thought out of, so to justify the asking price and increase the project budget at the same time. And I'll except both forms of payment of cash or points for now. Just remember the restrictions I mentioned earlier when time comes for me to spend it on the app.

 I also suggest doing the same with other participating artist, who'll use the funds for the app such as Nakumah. I'll post a list of those who are offering and available at a later time, and note me if you want to part of that supporting list.


Keep an eye on the suggestion booths:

I'll also be posting many "suggestion booth" image deviations with different topics to discuss. When these appear, please feel free to post you thoughts and ideas on each subject. Not everything suggested will necessarily be used, but it's useful intel and help none the less. Not only does it let me know what's on all your minds and what you like and/or look forward to; but also gives me a better look at what raw ideas or Ambala facts I may have missed or overlooked. Whether it be random, crazy, or lore friendly (or not), it all goes! So long as your all helping me squeeze these creative juices from my brain!



Well I guess I bombarded you guys enough with all this text and reading. All these aspect will still be worked on by me, just asking for a little help and support. I still owe you guys more info on the full details of the app its self, I know. And I'll get to it as soon as I can. Now time to go recharge me batteries in sleepy mode. Fun and Good Luck to Everyone!

Lumina Banner by Eradrom


Custom Uunca
Gem Tribe Adopt - Sasha the Uunca (Closed) by Eradrom
Lumina the Uunca by Eradrom
Fusa the Uunca by Eradrom
I'm now open to request on designing uuncas to your own likes and specifications! So long it's within the species and uunca prides group rules and limitations of course. And only within the races already available for adoption. The rest is up to your imagination!
All the earnings will be used directly for the "Uunca Prides App" project.

What kind of enemies you suggest for uunca prides app? 

No deviants said No idea
No deviants said I have one! (Comment bellow)



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